Long Lasting Grout Sealing in Sun City Center

Long Lasting Grout Sealing in Sun City Center

A customer from Kings Point in Sun City Florida asked me a very common question today.

“How long does sealer last?”

This question is complex because with many sealers on the market and the many different cleaning techniques can determine the life of sealers
So I ask the question, “do you know why grout should be sealed?” My customer knew in a round about way but saw that is should be sealed because the internet said so.

I began to explain that grout is a blend of cement, sand and powdered pigments mixed with water. This is called “sanded grout which is found mostly in tile floors. This grout mixture will seal the voids between the tiles. But, the mixture itself is porous which will absorb water like a sponge.
Now knowing the grout is porous, sealing the grout becomes very important to maintain a clean looking grout joint. The grout joint that isn’t sealed over time will darken and discolor. This is mostly because through cleaning the grout has absorbed contaminated water such as dirt.Grout that has been sealed will be much less permeable which will cause the grout to be water and stain resistant. Also, sealing the grout reduces the chances greatly of turning dark, as long as maintained properly.

“So how long does sealer last?” My customer asked at the beginning.
Most sealers will last a long time if cared for properly.  All sealers are “wear dated” which means high traffic areas will wear quicker than non high traffic or preserved areas. Most clear sealers, or penetrating sealers, will last 6 months to 3 years, Topical sealers, such as epoxy color ants, will last 5+++ plus years depending on traffic and usage of the area.