Tampa Carpet Cleaning

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Do you find yourself thinking about why people bother to get their carpets professionally cleaned? Well, there is a big difference between professional Tampa carpet cleaning and what you can do by yourself. Professional carpet cleaners like know what material your carpet is and what cleaning procedure will work best for your carpet type. They also have extra tools that you may not have access to. There is few carpet cleaning procedures that professionals use often in the Tampa area. A few of them are mentioned below.

Tampa carpet cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning, also referred to as steam carpet cleaning, uses high-pressure hot water to agitate carpet fibers and dissolve impurities.

Hot water extraction cleaning usually entails applying a cleaning chemical to the contaminated area, brushing the carpet, and then rinsing. After the cleaning chemical has had a little time to work its way into the carpet, the carpet will be “washed” by a carpet cleaning machine to fully rinse the cleaning agent before being allowed to dry in a room or air-conditioned environment.

Carpet Shampooing

Before encapsulation technology was developed in the 1970s, shampoo carpet cleaning was widely used. While shampooing a carpet may appear to thoroughly clean a deeply soiled carpet, the technology has drawbacks like—a large amount of wet foam residue that takes a long time to dry, then when they do it becomes sticky, and rapid re-soiling of carpet makes this cleaning approach less common than others.


Synthetic detergents are used in foam encapsulation as a basis, and after the foam dries, it crystallizes into powder. Once the cleaning foam has dried after being applied, the loose dirt particles in the carpet fiber will become powder and may be vacuumed or brushed away. The technology of foam encapsulation cleaning has surpassed that of carpet shampooing because the former requires less water for cleaning and dries more quickly.

We use these techniques to clean your carpet as well as grout cleaning in the Tampa area. These techniques help you get a clean and fresh carpet in less than 24 hours. Call and book a professional visit to discuss which method will be best for your carpet.